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Deals - Yearly Calendar Tracker

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Nov 18, 2020
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Deals - Yearly Calendar Tracker


I am creating a list of deals that can be anticipated during the year. I searched throught the RFD Forum and couldn't find a similar thread.

Here are a few that I have observed in last few months :-

Laptops :
1. Should start looking for deals 20-25 days before Thanksgiving (around first week of November) = I found better prices 20-25 days before the Thanksgiving deals started
2. Flash Sales = Product specific deals can be tracked by tracking the website, RFD Forum posts & regular mailers

Mobile Plans :
1. Back to School time
2. Around Family Day

Winter Clothes & Shoes
1. February / March before the end of Winter Season

Running Shoes
1. Thanksgiving
2. Boxing Day

Higher Rakuten Cashback
1. Thanksgiving
2. Black Friday
3. Boxing Day

Shoppers Drug Mart
1. Sale prices every Satuday

Can you suggest similar deals & the month(s) of the year when those could be expected ?
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Feb 7, 2017
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It’s a good idea, as I don’t think there is such a list here on RFD

As the saying goes ...


But ...

There are many websites that are dedicated to the art of saving money / hunting for bargains that have these types of lists
They show which months are traditionally the best months to buy whatever it is one is looking for

The key is timing

The Consumer must be actually willing to wait ... so as to take advantage of that cycle

After 40+ years of adult life ...

I’ve figured that out ... and most of what we buy
Is on sale or promotion

We also maintain an ongoing shopping list

That covers our needs ... wants ... and dreams
It covers everything from Weekly Groceries, to Planned Trips to the Pharmacy for health & beauty items (usually monthly)
But also bigger purchases like Household Goods, Seasonal Supplies

Lol ... even our vacations
And our vehicle purchases

We’ve saved 1000s of dollars this way annually
Versus just buying Willy Nilly on a whim
Or the occasional bargain hunter

Now in my retirement years ... it’s these savings
And subsequent investment of those savings
That has given us a great life in our past
(Planning a purchase ... is far different than having to go without one ... or buying something of lesser quality)
And it’s also funded the great life we enjoy now and hopefully for years to come

Anyhow ... here’s some examples of such lists on other websites :
CNBC = ... thing.html
NerdWallet = ... very-month
Money Under 30 = ... buy-things
LifeHacker = ... ar-5973864

And lol, my easiest to remember tip ... one word


It is by far the biggest DEAL month there is
The dog days of Summer

When Retailers off load their Summer merchandise
Promote their Fall & winter merchandise
Back to school
And many industries introduce their new models ... like cars, tech, electronics, sports equipment, appliances etc
As EVERYONE gears up for the biggest shopping season of the year ... the lead up to Christmas
Many a bargain to be found in August
Or at least a good chance to survey the marketplace
And formulate a plan for later on in the year ... Black Friday - Cyber Monday - and Boxing Day
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Nov 15, 2008
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GTA1911 wrote: Winter Clothes & Shoes
1. February / March before the end of Winter Season
Better to go in September when the best discounts on the winter season come into play. It is still bright & warm & the grass is still green & retailers have always had to put on a good sale to get people to start buying then.

Likewise go for the next season's bathing suits in March. It is after the cruise season & before any kind of warm water weather.

When summer & winter collide in April you get the best deals on last season's winter gear. October they are trying to madly ditch the last of the summer lines & it is way too early for people to think of Christmas.
Nov 18, 2020
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@PointsHubby - Thanks for such detailed comments. You have an amazing flair for writing !
Nov 18, 2020
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Kiraly wrote: Exercise equipment: March/April. With spring cleaning and moving season in full swing and New Year's resolutions long forgotten, it's a good time to find deals on lightly used equipment on craigslist.
Will add this to the list as well. And for Canada, found and to be worthy additions.