A decent computer chair

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Jan 26, 2016
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North York, ON

A decent computer chair

Hey everyone,
I'm looking to buy a computer chair that can recline backwards, in the event that I want to relax on my back and putting my foot on the desk. I bought a RENBERGET from IKEA (It looks like the kind of chair I wanted) and was utterly disappointed because a large list of claims, but it failed at everything from the reclining features I was hoping for; the space to fit my butt on; no capacity to adjust height and absorb rocking stress.

Unfortunately, when shopping to buy another chair, I'm getting a lot of useless overpriced variants from wayfair and other companies that feature unnecessary features like "foot rest" and "electric vibration".

Could someone please recommend a computer chair to buy that is decent quality and price?

Thank you
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Nov 7, 2008
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It seems the RENBERGET only has a rear tilt which is not the same as a reclining back. What's your budget? I've been looking around and I don't think there's many in the same price range as the $60 RENBERGET, not with a reclining back. I've heard good things about the Staples Hyken, but even when on sale for at $150 (50% off the $300 MSRP) that's still over twice the cost.
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May 3, 2009
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On the rare chance that this may help - Have you tried the "Buy Nothing" groups in your area ? Only mentioning this as coincidentally today someone in my group is giving away a good office chair and someone else did last week as well .... Just in case this helps ... ... 92J5Jy15NE... We had bought an expensive one from Inspiration chair in Vancouver ($800?) as my husband likes quality and I am grateful for it but I am not sure its worth the price in comparison .... Best of luck !
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Jan 9, 2011
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Ask friends who work in offices if there are any broken chairs sitting around that will be thrown out. Many get tossed as soon as the gas cylinder goes and the chair no longer stays up at the desired height. But that's a $20 part and it takes just a few whacks with a hammer to change out. I rescued a few from my wife's office this way.


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