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Dec 24, 2015
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Decent furniture store

Hey everyone.

So we are moving to London Ontario in the summer and plan on picking up a new bedroom. I am just looking for recommendations for WHERE to buy. I see a lot of hate for The Brick, which I fully understand after buying a couch set from them and would love to avoid them. Our budget is only about $2500 max for our own bedroom. Any recommendations for stores are greatly appreciated! Ability to haggle is a plus as well! Thanks.
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Mar 24, 2016
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I would recommend Sears but only if you purchase from a salesperson at the store. DO NOT ORDER ON LINE. Some of the furniture at home and the cottage came from Sears. Any any problems i had were quickly resolved. A couple of things order online just became a nightmare. Sears will price match as well. Only problem is they charge for a delivery fee which they can waive otherwise walk. Leons is good for appliance wouldn't buy furniture from them. I have read Ashley's furniture is poor build as well.

Dont know what your up to buying but id look at Costco as well. Their refund policy is very good as well if your not happy
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Feb 7, 2017
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Eastern Ontario
Did a quick GOOGLE looks like London has a fair amount of retail choice... Sears, Sears Home Store, Leon's, LazyBoy, and probably some local Independents as well. I would definitely shop around, take a weekend to tour them all and see what's what.

Unlike years past, there is no need to get "penned into" buying a Bedroom Suite (unless that is what you want, find aesthetically pleasing) it is trendy now to go more shabby / cottage chic with mismatched pieces & painted furniture. Women tend tho to like this look more than men (guys like wood as wood). If you are at all handy you could certainly up cycle some older furniture in this way (chalk paint is easy peasy, not a lot of prep / refinishing needed. You can find info & tutorials online). Garage Sales, Kijiji & Habitat for Humanity Restores are great sources for this... You can often find quality made 100% real wood furniture for a song... Refinish / Paint it and you can have a high end look like you'll see by Broyhill etc.

The Restore is a great resource for anyone on a household budget, or wanting to save $$$, and everything goes to a good cause in the community.

The most important thing is going to be your bed. Don't scrimp here, in fact with a budget of just $ 2500, I would spend the most of it on that... The mattress & bedding items to be specific (good sheets, pillows and a decent duvet). As the saying goes, you spend 1/3 of your life there. So naturally it needs to be an investment piece in your home. A good sleep should not be a luxury... Your back & SO will appreciate a great bed. You can always set up your Box Spring & Mattress right on the floor, or with a steel bed frame, and buy the rest of the hard core furniture items later on.

And don't overlook Ikea, they are a great place to pick up odds & ends, and storage items for your closet or stand alone be it for the short term or permanently, as most of their stuff wears well and can last a long time (we have a set of Hemnes Bedside Tables in Natural Wood that have been great for years, now thinking of painting them to give them a facelift / cheap bedroom makeover)
Dec 24, 2015
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Thanks everyone for the help. I should have mentioned that the mattress and bedding are on a separate budget. Costco has a couple bedroom sets my wife and I quite like but we are going to check out all suggestions to get the best bang for our buck.


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