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Deck Estimates in Stoney Creek varying wildly

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Nov 23, 2011
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Deck Estimates in Stoney Creek varying wildly

Hi all,

We're looking to put in a pressure treated deck this summer/early fall this year. I've reached out to multiple companies with virtually all of them being established / reputable.
The size of our deck would be 22' x 16' - no railings, simple step down from the patio door and a few steps on the outside of the deck leading down into our yard.

For this work we've been quoted $3500, $6000-7500, $8000 and recently a whopping $15,000 (includes permit, the other two do not).

To me, most of these seem on the high end. I do understand the size is quite large however for a deck.

Do these numbers seem in like with everyone? I also wonder if anyone would recommend someone in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville area.

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Nov 6, 2014
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$3500 for a PT deck your size is low and walk away from low ballers who will skimp out on your deck. The $15K quote for a PT deck is outrageous! $6-8K sounds right as that's roughly what I paid for my 28x12 deck in PT. If you need to narrow down vendors, ask for references or see their workmanship to decide.

If you have the budget to go composit like trex.....go for it. You won't regret it. PT/Cedar will warp, spit, cupping, splinter, knots popping out, resetting screws and painting/staining every two years to keep it looking new. I redid my PT deck in trex for 2.5x cost of PT after 10yrs of regret crappy wood maintenance and haven't never been happier. Even if you don't have the money this year....save for next year and go compite....don't let the cost make the deciding factor to go with a product the will age quickly. Good luck.

(compare a wood (PT/cedar) deck after 2-5 years and a composite deck after the same time in your area. The composite deck will look as good as new......you'll unlikely find wood decks in good new condition)
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Mar 1, 2020
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agree with fordmaple, go with composite in my view - and to add - given there's 2 quotes with permits, i presume it's either the 2 more expensive ones. the 15k seems outrageous indeed especially for what you have described you want it to be -- the deck we have is around 30k all in composite with lights installed, several steps, railings, etc etc etc... certainly 15k for PT wood isn't "worth it" if we paid 30k for these other frills (Eg composite, wider deck etc).

if you insist on a deck with PT wood then i presume it's the 6000-8000 range being more reasonable (i tend to favor the ones that include permits since they are by the book, at least on paper -- I've had neighbors built their decks without permits, etc and i dunno if they're truly legit or fly by night operations - i don't bother asking them but the contractors they had hired looked like they cheapened out based on what I've read on reviews... again i don't bother asking them in person, nomb anyway)

i shouldve gone composite with fences too but too late now... at least the PT wood fence is decent (For now)... dunno how long it'll last though as i might be living in a diff state/country by the time it needs replacement LOL...
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May 8, 2007
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This sounds like a simpler deck and could be a good starter DIY project for 1 or 2 people. I built a similar 400 sq ft deck about 15 years ago and it cost about $2,000, PT 6” x 5/4” deck boards, remains in good condition. Composite decking would be better. I used PL Premium glue (amazing stuff) to fasten most of the deck boards, along with nails, and the deck remains squeak-free and feels solid, much better than only using screws or nails.

My PT deck with solid latex stain gets a quick pressure wash every year, plus a stain touch-up every year or 2, and a complete re-stain about every 5 years. Recently been using Rez stain which is as low as $20 a can at Cdn Tire. I have used other stains costing 3X as much and feel they are not much better.
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Oct 16, 2007
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You are asking for quotes too late into the season imo. I am going to assume the 15k quote (for PT) is for a company that is already booked, and will only drop other jobs if you are willing to pay above and beyond.
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May 29, 2006
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i just built a 16x34 in composite with treated wood under it, and resurfaced the existing 13x10 deck, and, new gazebo, new railing, and privacy screen, lights and am at around 12k doing it all myself.
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Aug 29, 2011
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The $15k quote is from a contractor who doesn’t want the job.

OP should also look into permits. Generally, if the deck is physically attached to the house and/or over a certain square footage, a permit is needed.