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Deffected floor White Oak with black fillers

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  • May 19th, 2022 12:48 pm
Aug 21, 2021
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ricodeals wrote: There is only one type of report that matter in flooring, that is from NWFA inspector.
I found the NWFA inspector in Ottawa. He is asking 990$+tax for report :(
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Oct 30, 2017
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travelw9 wrote: I found the NWFA inspector in Ottawa. He is asking 990$+tax for report :(
It might be simpler to hire someone to replace the few boards and save yourself the headache. Unfortunately I don't think there is any recourse in your situation - the builder installed the floor that you chose. Obviously the installer could have been better but people who work on the subdivisions get paid peanuts and they would not take the time to separate out the crappy boards from the good ones. The builder may have deceived you in the showroom by not showing you the actual look of the floors, but it could also be that they used the presentation board from the floor manufacturer, which would try to not emphasize any knots etc.
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Jan 15, 2017
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travelw9 wrote: Went through Tarion Conciliation. Their response
Tarion Analysis:
There is about 450 square feet of hardwood flooring installed on the second floor. The wood surface contains knots which are black in various areas on the floor.
Analysis: There are visible hardwood knots in different areas of the hardwood flooring. The Construction Performance Guidelines, (CPG) 12.27, states that knots or color variations are acceptable within different grades of flooring.
Information provided by the homeowner via email informs that, the flooring selected by the homeowner is S+1
Elements Kentwood Progressive Engineered White Oak Stonecrop Matte 5.
Taken from the Kentwood flooring website the product is rated as having - Medium Natural Characteristics.
Natural Characteristics: is described on the website as, a natural material, every piece of wood has a unique
appearance. Some pieces may be very clean and free from imperfections, while others exhibit natural characteristics including exaggerated grain patterns, knots of varying sizes, mineral streaks and other naturally occurring effects. In terms of natural characteristics Kentwood floors are classified as low, medium, or high. Kentwood floors glossary cited on (2020, April 05)
The hardwood flooring has knots distributed around the approximately 450 square feet of flooring and appears to be evenly distributed around the whole floor space. It is stated that the flooring selection will have a medium distribution of natural characteristics.

So they think it's fine. Going to reread the thread and plan next step.
Unfortunate that you received a bad outcome from Tarion.

I was reviewing this listing a few days ago and thought about your post. You can see from the pics that it appears that the installers took some time and installed the knotty boards where there would be a high chance that a homeowner would cover them with a carpet or mat. This homeowner hasn't so you can see all the knots. ... tenay-city
Aug 21, 2021
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skeet50 wrote: Wishing you the best of luck. Should Tamarack and its flooring supplier give you much push back you may want to consider hiring an independent flooring expert for an opinion on the install and whether it is a defect.

BTW: A search on Tarion shows that Tamarack currently owes Tarion over $58,000 in outstanding claims that Tarion has paid to homeowners. The fact that these amounts are outstanding would lead me to believe that the relationship between Tamarack and Tarion is probably not the best at this time.
Thanks for the link. I have checked today and its 469,278.75 in outstanding claims.....