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Delectable Wine app for mobile phones

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  • Oct 29th, 2013 6:58 pm
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Mar 7, 2005
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Delectable Wine app for mobile phones

Just thought I'd pass along the info on a really cool app for wine fans, called "Delectable Wine" ... 06648?mt=8

The way it works is you make an account, follow friends (although I have 0 friends to follow) or public figures in the wine world and see what is popular, what's being recommended etc. and also for you to take a picture of your bottle whenever you are having some wine.

You take a photo of the wine label, wait a few minutes for it to identify the wine (I haven't figured out of this is automatic or someone is doing it manually), then it will add it to your library and allow you to leave a quick rating and a few notes about it as you're drinking it. It will also show you how many previous people have taken photos of it, read their tips on it, and overall average score.

Pretty neat how it works, check it out. Click the link, it explains it much better than I have