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Oct 26, 2012
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Desktop Recommendations

Hi there,

Looking to replace my 6 year old Macbook, and go back to a PC. Would like:

16gb Ram
Ability to edit photo and video. Perhaps game play. Spreadsheet.

Trying to stay around $1000 for the tower. Any help would be great!
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May 11, 2009
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Those are really broad requirements. Are you asking about pre-built systems or planning on building your own?

got your own monitor, keyboard, mouse already or starting from scratch?
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Jul 7, 2017
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I can sell you an ex-B.C. government Lenovo S30 with 16GB RAM (DDR3 RDIMMs), Quadro K400 video card, no drive (add your own). Win 7 Pro key with Win 10 Pro activated. Shipping up north may kill the deal though.
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