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Locked: Did the electrician try to rip me off? or am I in the wrong??

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  • Mar 31st, 2017 1:36 pm
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Sep 9, 2012
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User042404 wrote: I live in an apartment and the wall plug suddenly stopped working, usually when the entire power is out, I know the fuse is busted and I will replace the fuse. But because this wall plug is apparently had its own line of fuse, since no lights went off, I thought the wall plug is busted or maybe the wiring is busted.

If I call the management they will take longer to fix it, 3 weeks. So I thought of hiring a handy man. The handy man agreed to a flat rate of 60 dollars, he asked 120 at first since he said I need to do the wiring and all that. I said thats a lot I can wait for the management to fix it for free, but for 60, I can consider.

So he came in, took one look...and then pulled out a fuse from his pocket, and replaced it, what do you know...it works now. Took him 90 secons in total. Then he offered free advice for another 20 seconds that dont plug too many things into one wall plug...

And then he asked 60 dollars. I was like, that doesnt sound fair, I will pay you 20 as you didnt do anything. He disagreed as 60 is flat rate doesnt matter even if he worked for 2 seconds.

Finally he accepted 30 dollars. Am I in the wrong here or he was trying to rip me off?? what do you think??
No, he wasn't trying to rip you off. Yes, you are in the wrong. Further, you actually ripped him off by not paying for what you agreed to.
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Jan 25, 2007
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User042404 wrote: huh?? If he drove to my house and died can the car manufacturer be charged with man slaughter too? What about the cell phone provider who made communication possible between him and I? oh oh what about the owner of Kijiji?? Face With Tears Of JoyFace With Tears Of Joy

ahhh that's right. You are an electrician and handymen get your customer lolol makes perfect sense
You hired someone to do unlicensed electrical work... If his "repair" caused a fire and people died you would face serious jail time (as would he).

I honestly think this dude is a troll. Need to lock this thread down.
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Oct 19, 2008
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User042404 wrote: The history of feral pigeons in the west is too long to go through with you and why they are not wild. Especially to people that are already brainwashed into seeing them as evil. Too much of my effort. So I know you won't, if you use your laptop while you are taking a dump, try to look it up at that time, about the history of feral pigeons, and why they are seen as evil and who started it.
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Plenty more online you might want to read of pigeons carrying disease.