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Buy RYOBI 18V ONE+ Hybrid 20-Watt LED Work Light (P721) and get 18V ONE+ Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Battery (2-Pack) FREE

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Mar 23, 2004
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whitbyguy wrote: Any Ryobi superchargers?
I don't think I've seen it at the Vaughan (Canadian) one but I could be mistaken. You can always call them.

As a side note for the thread most of the 70-80% off Hoover is gone. Went last week hoping to get the ONEPWR version of the little portable shampooer (I think they only had the ONEPWR/cordless at Vaughan to begin with) and all gone already--would have been a solid deal at 70% off--I was considering it at 50% off but said nah don't need it. People must have snatched it up quick once it hit 70%. In the US the corded version is/was going for just $20 USD.

They did have the small ONEPWR blower kits for like $40 but there were only two there at the time, probably all gone by now too. I thought about it but didn't really need it so gave it a pass.

30% off everything (with some exclusions) is going until today BTW, but given they've had 40% in the past it's tough to go with the 30% lol.
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Oct 10, 2006
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British Columbia
Wish they would open a store here in the lower mainland!!
Mar 17, 2021
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They need to get their online store going. Missing out on 80% of their potential business.
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Oct 24, 2008
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I ended up ordering from the US store online and sent to shippsy. Will see how it goes. Price works out to about the price here i think, for those that can't get to Vaughan.

Edit: not the light, other tools.