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Discovering small ecommerce stores with delivery options

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Apr 22, 2015
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Waterloo, ON

Discovering small ecommerce stores with delivery options

There are hundreds of Shopify sites from small businesses with great products to offer. A lot of them having shipping options.

Is there no directory or aggregator of these businesses/sites?
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Aug 22, 2006
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As terrible as Amazon is in terms of crushing everyone else, it's my go to shop because it's easy and ships free. Speed doesn't help either. I'm totally spoiled by 2 days or less now.

I'd love to buy from small business more often, but their limited selection and expensive shipping makes it prohibitive.

If I need one tiny thing that's $20, paying $20 to ship it isn't feasible. But at the same time I can't expect the merchant to pay $20 to ship a $20 item.
Free shipping over $X works, but sometimes a shop has literally only one thing you want. I've spent time browsing an entire shop before just to see if I could meet the minimum threshold.

What's the solution? Give it to Amazon to fulfill. But that's also expensive.
Do you not have anything else to do rather than argue with strangers on the internet
Nope. That's why I'm on the internet arguing with strangers. If I had anything better to do I'd probably be doing it.


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