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Dishwasher thermostat charred / burnt wire and connector

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Oct 20, 2008
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Dishwasher thermostat charred / burnt wire and connector

Hello everyone,

I have en Electrolux dishwasher, model number FFBD2408NS6C. Dishes were not drying, and there had been a bit of mold. No error codes or blinking lights were displayed. I believed it was possibly a faulty heating elememnt, as it never got hot, it has likely been that for quite some time, at the very leasy eight months, if not longer. My girlfriend has the same model of dishwasher and it's element does work, it is extemely hot after the washer stops.

I ordered a new element and decided to try and fit it today. Before pulling the element out, as I had the dishwasher pulled out, I thought I'd have a general look underneath. That's when I discovered a charred wire, melted connector on the high limit thermostat (part number 154642901). I'm going to take a guess that might be the actual reason for the lack of heat from the element.

I have attached a couple of images (see below)

Getting a replacement thermostat is simple, as it replacing the thermostat.

The charred wire / metled connector is a bigger concern for me for a few reasons:

1. I'm now very concerned about using the dish washer. I know, I know, it has been working, bar the heating, for quite some time, but I don't want a fire. Just being a worrier!

2. Should I just disconnect the charred wire / connector and just use the dishwasher. Something tells me it'd work as well as it has been, as the thermometer is probably fried, and may not have any electiricty flowing through it, so unplugging it would be the same as leaving it connected perhaps?

3. What is the name for the connector? Where could I get one from, and how easy is it to wire up this connector? There does seem to be enough slack on the wire to cut and fix a new one. Would it be best to just call someone out to fix it for me?

Thanks for any advice!
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You'll get a lot of cautious advice (because this is RFD) but....

I would just replace the connector. It looks like it sparked because it came loose. If you have no other signs of overheating then dont worry too much.

If you dont care about the heater then just dont reconnect it. Otherwise you can probably find an automotive crimp connector from Canadian Tire or Part Source that will do the job. Maybe called a spade connector.
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