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Does anyone offer licensed hats bigger than an 8?

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  • Apr 24th, 2020 12:21 pm
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Feb 19, 2008
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Does anyone offer licensed hats bigger than an 8?

lids doesn't seem to offer anything larger than an 8, and 8 is too small for my giant dome.
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Nov 14, 2017
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I've never seen anything bigger then a 8 in any Canadian store.
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Jan 28, 2014
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I do not know about licensed hats, but generally you have to try them all on - there can be numerous hats of the same size/style and one might fit you and the rest will be too small - regardless if it is sized. Or you can try on every hat in the store and none will fit you. This happened to me in a hat specific store - the owner was appalled.

There are places that will make hats but you won't be able to determine how they will look on you. You can Google the names of places. I think there is a place in Winnipeg (or there was).

Tilley has a hat sized 8' in one of its styles. If you like Tilley.

Personally, I go the route of trying on hats everywhere I go in the hopes that one will fit. If the hat fits I will buy it. Note that I appear to have a regular sized head but I need a size 8 plus. Baseball type hats do not suit me, nor do they fit.

You have to watch for shrinkage. I had one that could be washed. It shrunk a bit and no longer fit. Most of my hats are of the non-washable variety.

I am female which makes it even harder to find a hat. I suppose I should be grateful that I only look like I would wear a size 7, but that is small comfort. And I do suit hats.
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Nov 15, 2008
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Brands tend to max out at 5XL which is 8-1/8", and even then they are special order/direct from manufacturer, and you have to order them from the US because everyone in Canada is just selling out of a warehouse. Then you are limited by style because they only tend to make dad/slouch hats that big.

I think you have to work for this. You will have to buy yourself a big blank cap, a team patch, and take both to the dry cleaners and get them to sew it on for you. Patches usually are iron-on but to get a nice look you want to stitch a tight zigzag around the patch with embroidery thread. You might look and see if there is a place that does uniforms, promotional tees/caps nearby because they would be able to do this. Otherwise the dry cleaner is probably going to do just a straight stitch around the edge. I don't know if I would just iron it on because the edges can curl up over time.

I've bought patches from SuperDave's Superstore, he is in Canada and is on too. The website looks a little retro but he is dependable, a fast shipper, low shipping rates because he sends lettermail. ... 1N2CARZEVW

Then check out Big Head Caps flexible fitted caps which can accommodate up to 8-1/2". With shipping one is USD $30 and there's no duty because the cap itself is <$20. ... madd=44254

Between the patch, the hat, and the dry cleaner/embroidery you are looking at CAD $85 minimum for this project.


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