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Does this central AC install look correct

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  • Aug 6th, 2021 11:24 pm
Apr 25, 2021
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Does this central AC install look correct

I realized after the installer left the quote said 2 core holes would be drilled but they drilled 1 hole instead. Does the the install look correct with the box and AC lines exit the house?

The AC installer admitted he didn't use a level when installing the AC brackets and they were not level so he used some type of metal shims between the AC bracket on 1 side and the pad (the pad the AC sits on is not concrete, more of a light plastic pad?

Lastly, towards the end of the instal I was chatting with him and he mentioned has no licenses to install a AC, just many years of on the job experience. Does the AC installer need a certification or license? Electrician did do the work for the wiring.

Would you consider the above items acceptable?

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Feb 25, 2004
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Where do you live? In Québec I believe the installation has to be done by a refrigeration mechanic (CCQ license).

I am definitely not an expert but I read some stuff before having mine installed. Not installing the brackets level would be a red flag to me that some other corners were likely cut. Are those brackets aluminium (they don't look like aluminium)? It might be different where you live but when I was getting quotes, all installers said they used aluminium brackets so that they don't rust. It is probably cosmetic but I have never seen exposed tubing, it is always capped with aluminium (as I said it is probably cosmetic but it probably also adds some protection).
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Apr 25, 2021
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Install took place on Calgary. Brackets appear to be metal.
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Oct 19, 2020
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One hole is normal.
At least he leveled the unit.

Don't see anything that looks horrible to me.

What matters much more is what you can't see - if it was properly sized, brazed, vacuumed, set blower speed correctly for a/c size, refrigerant charge checked correctly which involves more than just looking at pressures.

Provinces have environmental protection certification, needed to buy and handle refrigerant legally.
There is separate refrigeration licensing too for actually installing and working on equipment for money.

Possible he did everything right and has a good work ethic - just messed up on the bracket, who knows.

Being unlicensed is a bad sign though. May not have any liability insurance either.
Hvac advice warning - inaccurate information on forum, vested interests in selling builder's equipment. Selling dealer-only brands without being authorized is a red flag. Report to CRA if offered no tax cash-deal. If it's 2 good to b tru, it is.
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Jan 19, 2013
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Looks alright to me, i find pads on brackets odd looking but that's just me.
Id say that be acceptable for low end quote install
Less holes the better