Does Students below +2 or above in college need to write?

Feb 26, 2020
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Does Students below +2 or above in college need to write?

My question is for all the Students who completed their Grade 10 or higher and going to further studies.

1. Does the student need to write using pen or pencil on the paper any exams or reports of any subject from grade 2 to college?
2. How do you guys write exams?. I mean Do you have exams like for 3 hours duration you need to write answers to questions with lot of paras in answer.
Do you have same systems or How it works
The reason why i ask this question is my daughter is back in my home country in grade 4. She's little bit lazy in writing . She doesnt want to write lot of paras. I'm little bit worried as in higher classes if she can not write it may be problem if she comes back here.

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Jul 15, 2006
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I'd say up until high school, there's pen & paper writing. However, this may have changed due to covid19 (online learning). Depending on the post-secondary program, students may be using pen and paper to write answers for exams. There may be paragraphs and short-answers involved.

If a student has a disability, usually schools and post-secondary institutes try to provide accommodations based on the student's accessibility needs.