Dog may be dying. What to do if it happens on Thanksgiving day?

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Dec 18, 2009
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Dog may be dying. What to do if it happens on Thanksgiving day?

Blood and urine scans showed nothing. We assume it is just old age. Hasn't eaten in 2 days, lying down on his bed for the last 3 days straight. The few times he has gotten up we is unstable on his legs, wobbling, trembling, fell over once......All the online info points to this being the end. He is a rescue so we have no clue what his true age might be. Hoping he bounces back but it is looking less likely by the hour.

In Toronto, vet and animal shelters are closed. What do I do if my dog passes away tomorrow?

PS. Vet has made no mention of him dying only wishing to pursue more diagnostic testing. Physical exam was fine.(took 20 minutes to walk the 1 block to the vet's office)
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Dec 14, 2011
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What is his approximate age? Usually they can guess pretty accurately with teeth and other symptoms.

What colour are his gums? What breed? Losing weight?

When did you take him to the vet?

Sounds like you should have ended it yesterday. Take him to an emergency clinic and do it peacefully. It will be expensive, but you are the one that waited.

If you let him continue to suffer to the point where he passes away you will need to either cough up the money and take him to the emergency vet or put him in your freezer. You could probably dig a hole and bury him but that is likely not legal.
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Jul 25, 2008
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Find a mobile vet to euthanize at home. It willbe cheaper than going to emergancy and will be more comfortable for your pup.
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May 22, 2016
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Sadly sounds like you should put the dog to sleep. There will be animal hospitals open.
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Jan 28, 2014
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OP - First I would ask the first 3 questions that Drakestar has asked. Perhaps your dog is sick and just needs medical attention - you did mention further diagnostic testing - much depends on the reason that your pup is ill. I mention this because you did not take your dog to the vet on Saturday if the worst was going to happen. Our full service vet is open on Sundays so we would have had that option.

Our first dog together was a rescue and as Drakestar pointed out age can often be determined by other means - teeth etc. The vet estimated his age at 7 and 7 was the age given by the rescue. He lived to be nearly 20, so you never know. He also weighed 25 lbs. Big dogs have a short lifespan of course, but I have known small dogs who needed to be euthanized at 3 - there are no health guarantees.

Second, if your dog does need to be put to sleep, the Emergency Clinic on McMurrich St. will do it. (This is the VEC clinic - the third website that Driftwood listed - I know, because our dog is 16 and putting our dog in the freezer section of our refrigerator is NOT an option - and while he only weighs 25 lbs. it would be a tight fit and besides it is NOT HAPPENING.) Burying him in the back yard is not an option either.

I asked the VEC because we take our dog there to see a specialist and they said they would help us out - and they are open. It will be more expensive than a regular vet. The important thing is not to cry - you can cry afterwards and the dog often will think he is being taken to be cured. We always get a shot that puts our dog into a regular deep sleep before the final shot just in case there is a problem with the final shot and it does happen.

It is not an easy thing to do if you really love your dog as we do, and his predecessors. Best of luck to your pup.

You do have options - allowing the dog to suffer is not one of them. But be prepared that the VEC will also want to do further diagnostic tests if your dog could easily be cured.

I have plans in place just in case and at age 16 it is an issue.
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Sep 15, 2017
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Pay the extra fees to have extra testing done. Letting the dog suffer because its a holiday is inhumane.
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Jul 4, 2004
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The city should have an emergency after hours service available that operates from 7pm to 8am Mon - Fri, and then 24 hours Sat & Sun. You will need to google this and you'll find it. I had to do this in Durham Region tonight as our family pet was really ill.
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