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Doing a USB recovery Drive on PC already upgraded to Win 10

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  • Oct 27th, 2017 2:02 pm
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Jan 28, 2009
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Doing a USB recovery Drive on PC already upgraded to Win 10

On this laptop which I purchased a couple of years ago, I did not created a USB recovery Drive (No optical drive).

It's an asus and they say to use backtracker which I have to go see on the support tools website to see if it's listed for my PC to download. It says if its not there, it is not compatible. Backtracker is not available for my PC which is a TPL500LA.

I have 2 questions?

1 - What do I use to do a the USB Recovery Drive?

2 - Originally, my laptop had win 8.1 on it. Now I have win 10. How to I do a USB Recovery Drive of my initial out of the factory laptop that was 8.1 now that I'm on win 10? Or do I just do it with my current win 10 OS?


( I'm asking since this morning, my pc was stuck on Diagnosing your PC.....and luckily after a while it fixed itself which seems to be a rare occurance. I backup all my data/pictures, but was wondering if I had to format the pc and start over, how would I do it without any Recevory data since before this PC, I always had DVD recovery disks.)
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Oct 14, 2009
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Is there any particular reason you need to use the recovery drive? I'm thinking something like free software that was included with the laptop that you need (maybe it came bundled with Office, or something, but I think that's linked to an account now anyways).

Personally, I'd just grab a Windows 10 disk and do a clean install. You'll be free of any crapware that's bundled with a laptop. Windows 10 should automatically be authenticated when you install. You should be able to download any drivers that you need from the laptop manufacturer page. And since you already have your data/pictures backed up you're a step ahead of most people.
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Dec 1, 2010
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Pretty much what @ugly said above. Make a fresh USB Installer (Media Creation Tool) from the Windows 10 website, it's very easy to do. It will fresh install without any bloatware crap that comes pre-bundled with laptops, and there is tons of it, since always. Windows 10 will get most of the drivers automatically, and the most specific ones, get from your manufactures website. Then you have a clean, bloat-free machine. Its easy. You don't even have to install all their "proprietary" junk like diagnostics centers and etc, if you really don't want to. It's pretty useless anyways.

I did that with my X220 and things still a beast for Sandy Bridge CPU w/ SSD.