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[Dollarama] Dollarama - $4 Tough Tested Pro car quick charger W/micro USB

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  • Dec 13th, 2019 7:44 pm
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[Dollarama] Dollarama - $4 Tough Tested Pro car quick charger W/micro USB

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Looks pretty heavy duty. Spotted at Sherbourne/Shuter location in Toronto today.

Q - In which section of store was this displayed?

A - At this location they have lots of theft. It was pretty close to the cashiers along headphones, phone cases, other chargers, etc.

5 year warranty. On their site for $24.99

https://toughtested.com/collections/car ... -micro-usb
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In which section of store was this displayed?
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Works extremely well and great design. Looking for a cheap micro usb to C adapter next. Any links?

Cases also very nice. Both Recommended

dollarama-isound-padded-ipad3-sleeve-to ... #p31685028
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Hot if it has QC 2.0--not quite as good as 3.0 but fully back and forward compatible within QC versions anyway. 5yr warranty pretty nuts too, not sure if they will honour from dollar store (or maybe they just send you a cheque for purchase price lol).

Edit: Wait though OP's link says QC 2.0, OP's picture clearly shows it has QC 3.0. So def. great buy apart from the whole micro-USB part, which a lot of ppl will need an adapter for these days.

It does kind of suck it has an attached cord instead of a USB outlet (never understand why they do this these days), but at least the micro USB is easily adapted to USB-C, using one of these:
https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Ugreen-Type-C-A ... 2680661286
Mind you that does cost just as much as the charger itself, but you should make sure you get a decent-brand adapter so it has the pullup resistor (the Ugreen one has this), so you don't fry anything.