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Dollarama: Charcoal briquettes 5.5lbs (I think $4.00)

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May 25, 2011
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[Dollarama] Dollarama: Charcoal briquettes 5.5lbs (I think $4.00)

Stopped by Dollarama yesterday hoping to find some left over gardening seeds and fertilizer for fall gardening but seems Dollarama has cleared out thier gardening stuff it seems (at the Don Mills/Van Horne) at the Peanut Plaza location.

I did however find while walking through the aisles a few (3) bags of charcoal briquettes. I do remember it saying 5.5lbs. Given the size and weight I'm going to assume it was $4.00 but I did not take note of the pricing.

If anyone sees any Schmidt All Purpose 6-8-12 jugs of fertilizer, bags of potting soil, seeds, and garden containers still left at your location please list the location. Thank you in advance.
...Location: GTA North
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