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Oct 8, 2015
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Province of Bring Ca…
My existing one can still apply CANADA50 but no free delivery. They also charge 10-15% extra fee. Why would I use it? Uber has been issuing at least 30% off every week and frequent 15% off gift card. Eats Pass can avoid delivery and other pesky fees.

DoorDash and Skipthedishes are dead
TimothyLeary wrote: Thanks OP

As PanzerWF has mentioned, I have created a few accounts over the past few weeks and used that code.

CANADA50 gets you two orders 50% and free delivery as well on the first order. 'New' accounts only. Cheers and good luck! I will try your code when mine dries up lol
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Feb 24, 2018
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All these delivery services overcharge and their most aggressive discounts barely make it worthwhile over a standard phone-in delivery.

Their drivers have been problematic as a late. One appeared to be a night walker (bless her capitalist spirit), and another looked like he had written a manifesto against technology in the American woods.

This was the right kind of human entertainment during the stay at home order, but I no longer require these amusements.
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Jun 4, 2012
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stephroll wrote: Well we kind of destroyed them with those $20 off $20 couple years ago
I abused that one profusely
Was late to the party Disappointed Face...
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Nov 29, 2018
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I got the 50% off notification, and also emailed about the 15% off codes... and None of them worked, what the hell is wrong with doordash
Nov 30, 2009
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I followed the ANYONETHERE notification which didn't work. I then saw the promos carousel up top had a HELLOTHERE offer for the same 50% off (up to $25) which did work.
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Jan 4, 2008
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When do the promo codes expire? I saw one when I logged into the app, but it gives no info about when it expires, if there's a minimum order and so on.
Oct 9, 2017
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Had a bad experience/s with them,especially during the pan..ic :twisted:
Decided to try for an extension yesterday of a referral offered by my uncle before the pan..ic,
so they transfer me to the highest tier operators..."ooooooo"
This op was in the u.s. ,and he spoke very good english,and was friendly,and personable.Ops usually are not like that very often.Made me feel hopeful that i could get an extension.Told him about the idiocy service during the pan...ic,and he got it.The call lasted over an hour because it was so enjoyable,and professional.Turns out it was a complete waste of time,and possibly money.
A day later i suspect they do this on purpose.The regular ops are usually clueless,so i think they transfer you to the higher ops,and you may be billed long distance charges.
So,always ask where the op is located,and ask if the call is a long distance call.I forgot to ask yesterday because i must have been in shock at the high level of competence i got from the higher op lol.
He also turned into an a-hole at the end,when instead of giving me a direct yes or no answer,he starts accusing me of arguing with him,just because i tried more than once,politely to get a yes or no answer about a simple question.Otherwise it would have been great.It turned to crap in only a few seconds.
I,m still not sure yet if i was or will be charged long distance.Now i see that there was no need for that length of a call,when all he had to say was sorry but i cant help you as you were given a proper referral link.
Instead he leads me on to thinking i could get what i wanted,so even the good ops..the high tier ops may have tricks up their sleeves or so it seems.
Beware! :rolleyes:


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