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[Drop app] NEW way to earn points: Surveys! ( plus 25 or 50 points for few questions )

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  • Apr 4th, 2020 10:58 pm
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NEW way to earn points: Surveys! ( plus 25 or 50 points for few questions )

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Got this via email not long ago: C/P:


NEW way to earn points: Surveys! Police Cars Revolving Light


Drop <noreply@hello.earnwithdrop.com>
9:00 PM (55 minutes ago)
to me

XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, share your thoughts, get more points.

Update your Drop app to get started! ( * mine was already updated * )

Start earning points by taking surveys. Here’s how:

Update your app. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Drop.
Tell us about yourself. Complete your personal profile. It’ll only take a few minutes, and you’ll get 25 points when you do.
Take a survey in app. Earn points every time you share your thoughts.


So ... there are surveys now in drop ... after answering few questions about myself ... they presented me with several surveys ... worth something like 450 points each ( so 45 cents each another words ).

There is a profile thingy there with few questions in it ... for 25 points ... And there was couple of questions about "do you have pets" etc .. also for 25 points.

"Pets" was 4 simple questions ... awarded 25 points for me

"Personal profile" was several questions ... but somehow it took me directly to surveys after answering them ... and I noticed that 25 points didn't get awarded for answering those questions..

So surveys are there ... but other than that I received 25 points instead of 50 points ... ( 2.5 cents instead of 5 cents, mind you :D ).
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I tried the profile survey and got 25 points a couple of weeks ago. Might try some more if I get really bored.

On another note and a bit OT, my app hasn’t awarded points for purchases in the last 3 weeks. Anyone else experience this issue?