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Feb 4, 2011
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GrumpyOne1 wrote: Isn't the pharmacist legally required to talk to you in person when you are prescribed a new medication? As far back as I remember (and using MANY pharmacies) the pharmacist always pushes for a consultation after pick-up, even if it's
"Have you ever taken this in the past"
"Ok any questions?"
I remember reading about Shoppers's getting sued coz the pharmacist didn't ask about allergies and the person who consumed the medication got her allergies triggered.
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Feb 7, 2017
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Soichiro wrote: Ontario Making Prescription Drugs More Affordable During COVID-19
Province provides relief for Ontarians using the Ontario Drug Benefit Program
Combined with the NEW Seniors Covid Benefit from the feds
https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/senior ... -1.5565743

At least someone is recognizing what elements in Seniors lives are different now, & having to make changes to our routine during self isolation

Costs have gone up for prescriptions ... related to dispensing fees
Some groceries ... related to delivery costs, or using a Personal Shopper etc
And of course, like every other Cdn, our investments value has gone down ... although it effects us more, cuz it’s also a good portion of our income.

On the flip side ... overall our standard monthly expenses have dropped.
Not spending any money on gas for the car, activities, dining out etc.

And I think we’ll be in this HOLD PATTERN for a long time going forward

Cuz as the world starts to reopen ... many Seniors will just opt to carry on as is ... as Covid won’t entirely have gone away
And we will continue to be among the most vulnerable... should another wave or burst outbreak occur

In more positive news ...
Health Canada approved the first Covid Antibody Test yesterday
So that’s the best news we’ve had on the medical front since this all began