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Dual screen monitor LG vs Samsung

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Mar 12, 2012
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Dual screen monitor LG vs Samsung

I actually purchased both of these monitors already but I'm torn between the 2.

Samsung 27inch dual

LG 27 Inch

Specs is more or less the same.

Things that I've noticed:

Samsung provides slightly thicker HDMI cables -> Samsung
Samsung has the annoying 2-part adaptor power cable -> LG
Samsung monitors are slightly thinner than LGs -> Samsung
LG button is on the bottom while Samsung has it on the back -> LG
The VESA mount on the Samsung is on the lower side while LG has it in the middle -> Either

I know these things are pretty minor and on the grand scheme of things it's probably very similar and either of them will be the same.

But the Cheap ass in me is saying LG because it's $90 off and still being $10 cheaper than buying the dual Samsung monitor bundle from Costco while the other side of me wants Samsung because it's thinner and seems like Samsung gives us better quality.

What are your thoughts?

Making purchases is hard for me, takes me a long time to compare and stuff... Kind of hate it but I'm stuck in this right now lol...
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Oct 13, 2008
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