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Ductless AC installation cost?

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Apr 3, 2018
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Ductless AC installation cost?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to install a Dual-zone ductless AC system 28,000 btu in my condo townhouse (1000sqft townhouse + 500sqft walk-out basement that won't be AC). The reason I want ductless is because a central AC unit would need to get connected to my furnace room, and in order to get through the installer would need to run the cables through the common area (it's a funny townhouse). Ductless dual zone would be much easier to install (the two zones would be installed at the same side at two levels), not to mention the higher efficiency and much lower noise levels (my neighbour won't complain).

I started calling and there is a limited number of companies providing the dual zone ductless. If they do, they usually want ridiculous $$$ (I had over-the-phone quotes in the range of $6-7k).

I installed 6 of those units DIY in my family house in Europe. I know how long it takes and what is involved. I know the typical prices of the units (typically around $3k for the unit I want) and $3k-$4k for a 5h installation seems like going through the roof...

My condo board however needs a certified HVAC technician to install (which is understandable) plus I don't want to void the warranty by DIY installation. I'm willing to pay for that, but definitely not $600 per hour.

I was looking at the Senville Aura unit here https://www.sogoodtobuy.ca/28000-btu-du ... na-30hf-d/. $3k price for the unit seems reasonable.

I started doing some phone calls to find out how much HVAC people want for the install only and it seems like they get angry when they hear I provide the device. One guy only quoted me "I don't know, $1k maybe $2k?"

Does anyone know how much typically it is for Calgary area and knows any decent HVAC guy who would be willing to install the device already provided? It seems like it's a golden season for them and they're not willing to install AC provided by the client at this time of the year.
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Dec 21, 2015
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Wondering if you ended up finding anyone to do the installation?


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