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Ductless Air Conditioner Prices Toronto 2015

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  • Jul 26th, 2015 6:01 pm
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Ductless Air Conditioner Prices Toronto 2015

Hello Everyone,

I finally pulled the trigger and got a ductless air conditioner installed in my home office / computer room. In the summer time, the temperatures can reach 30+ degrees even with a very powerful central air.

I hope this helps everyone, but here is the pricing I received from several contractors in the York Region area. Ultimately I went with Star Alliance Heating and Cooling and they seemed to have a done a great job today. Everything was included: air conditioner, mounting brackets, outdoor cutoff box, 80 feet of electrical wire, breakers, 25 feet of line set, and white speed channel cover.
  • Reliance Home Comfort, $3500 + tax, ComfortAire 9000 BTU, sales guy was awful... he was not engaged at all and didn't want to even provide a quote! Not to mention, ComfortAire is a budget unit.
  • Comfort Masters Stouffville, MSZ-GE09 - $3,150, MSZ-FE09 - $3,395, MSZ-GE12 $3,450, MSZ-FE12 $3,765, speed channel conduit, $117 per 5 feet. Prices are tax inclusive as they have a show discount, but the deal breaker was the cost of the speed channel cover.
  • Mersy Services Experts (Costco) - $4199 + tax - Costco discounts, Lennox 9000 BTU. Extremely over priced and unknown quality for the unit.
  • Star Alliance Heating & Cooling, 3100 + tax, MSZ-GE12 including speed channel. This is ultimately who I hired. Star Alliance is an authorized contractor according to Mitsubishi's local distributor MitsAir.
  • Spring Home Heating and Cooling, MSZ-FE12NA, $3,775 - $200 pre season discount + tax. Speed channel, $10 per linear foot. Deal breaker is the cost of the speed channel. Spring home is a MEQ dealer and have extended warranty on the unit (10 year compressor vs. 7 years).
  • 360 Engineering, 4200 + tax, MSZ-FE12, mostly does commercial installation hence overly inflated price.
Please note, these prices may not be representative of your installation costs; my install was very basic (second floor room, exterior wall, unfinished basement).
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I guess these types of ACs are not eligible for any type of Ontario rebates?
Thanks for the info, coolspot.
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