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Oct 14, 2019
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Duty Charges

I have a friend in Japan that is mailing me a gift valued at $400 (lost of smaller items: Pens, slippers, happy boxes, starbucks mugs) and I am just wondering what the duty would be on it. I am concerned that I will get a large bill once it gets delivered. It is coming EMS through Canada Post.

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Aug 22, 2006
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Without having an itemized list of everything it contains, you're most likely going to be paying the import fee ($10) plus at minimum GST/PST on the declared value.
If your friend declared the full $400 (in CAD I assume) you'll be paying on that, so around $50 depending on where you are. A little cheaper if you're Alberta.
Worst case if the package contains a bunch of stuff that has duty applicable you could be paying a lot more.