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E.s.e espresso pods .I cant find them anywhere !??!

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  • Feb 21st, 2019 5:43 pm
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Feb 22, 2016
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wantboost1 wrote: I've seen them on amazon but they are over priced. They are called. E.s.e capsules for D longhi or other brands of espresso makers. Ese stands for easy serve espresso

Looks like this ... abica-pods#
That's the problem with being in North America. We're pretty much down to 2 pod standards and ESE (which is common in Europe, I first saw it in use when I visited Paris in 2000) ain't one of them.

It's mind-blowing just how many pod/single serve systems there are, but here we only ever hear of Keurig (garbage), Tassimo (now owned by the Keurig people so it's getting killed off), and Nespresso.
CBTL/K-Fee/Caffitaly/Verismo tried to put a dent on the duopoly but that's been a failure too. Like trying to revive Blackberry OS.

OTOH I am surprised to still see Dolce Gusto machines and pods at Walmart... anybody here use this?
Friendly reminder #1: Kraprig cannot properly brew coffee. Get a Nespresso or a French press. You can thank me later.
Friendly reminder #2: Price matching is NOT the law. Never was, never will be. Nobody can stop you from shopping elsewhere.