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Early Cancellation and going from Rogers to Fido

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  • Dec 24th, 2013 6:39 pm
Jul 8, 2011
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Richmond Hill

Early Cancellation and going from Rogers to Fido

I have been informed on the internet that as long as I am 1 year into my contract (I've signed on to 3 year contract since December of last year for two lines), I can switch to Fido with only paying an early cancellation fee of $100/line.

This however was not the case when I got off the phone with a Rogers rep today.
The rep made it clear that the ECF is not $100/line when switching from Rogers to Fido since I have 2 years remaining (from 3 years) in my contract. She claimed there was too many months left for that kind of switch.
She has said that it is $320/line + 30 day service charge of $60/line, which is with taxes comes out to over $800.

Have I been misinformed that it is a straight $100/line transfer when going from Rogers to Fido?
Or has that rep just plain outright lied to me?

Any advice from those with knowledge or experience will be greatly appreciated!