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Epson 5030ub + Elunevision reference 4k 92"screen package $2699.99

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  • Feb 21st, 2015 2:21 pm
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Apr 21, 2009
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Epson 5030ub + Elunevision reference 4k 92"screen package $2699.99

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Not so bad deal with this package

Don't know when it expires, but eastporters rep told me price should go up soon.


Epson 5030ub projector (includes two pairs of 3D glasses)
Elunevision reference 4k fixed frame white 1.0 gain 92" screen
Free ceiling mount for the projector
Free replacement lamp for the projector (mail-in offer)
Free shipping

For $2699.99, I think this is a fair deal for anyone looking for a complete high quality package.

You can upgrade to a larger screen for a little more if 92" is not enough.

Just bought one !

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May 9, 2007
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Vancouver Island, BC
I paid $3300 in December 2013 for this setup with a 100" screen and no replacement battery. (That is now $2800.)

I consider it to be the best audio-video purchase I have made in at least 10 years.
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May 31, 2009
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I know you don't get the extra bulb or 2 sets of 3D glasses, but for the same price on the site i would recommend the Sony HW40ES package over the Epson. I recently upgraded my Epson 8350 back in December to the above Sony projector after demoing both mentioned projectors at EastPorters in Hamilton. Epson had a darker image but lacked (I thought) a better shadow/small finer detail that the Sony produced. Sat there for over an hour trying to figure out what to go for but I'm very happy with my Sony purchase. Plus if you are a gamer, the Sony has a much better response time/less lag compare to the Epson. Plus the Sony shouldn't succumb to any dust blob problems which were starting to show on my older Epson 8350. Plus the 3D glasses can be found at most Future Shop for $10 with the old PS3 3DTV glasses they are trying to unload. Sure they might get a bit uncomfy after an hour or so of use but not going to complain for the price and they are USB rechargeable batteries that are to last about 40 hours a charge. Once you see 3D on your set and see it at a theater. You will never want to see it in theaters again, and want to wait for the better quality at home. So much clearer and brighter experience at home
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Mar 15, 2005
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I cant speak for the projector but I did buy the 108“ version of this screen along with a jvc x-30 projector back in 2012.

It replaced a 720p dla projector on a grey screen with 1.8 gain.

I ran the new projector with the old screen for about 2 weeks before having the time to assemble and mount the screen. All i have to say is this elunevision reference screen is fantastic. No hotspots whatsoever. once installed ,the improvement in image quality was actually a bigger jump in quality than replacing the projector.
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Nov 26, 2003
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I thought these were 4k projectors.. Got excited lol


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