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Sep 8, 2016
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daddyho24 wrote: There’s no delay. It updates at minimum every morning.

If it showed as in stock, they had at least 1 copy. They were probably holding it.

If you add an item to your cart using the Pick-up in Store link, it will tell you exactly how many are in stock when selecting a location during checkout.
Mm I see. Not fair for that EB games for holding it Unamused Face

No worries, I managed to get a copy of the game through another means. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes
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Dec 26, 2014
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Winnipeg, MB
Yeah I went to an EB today and they had THREE copies of Warriors left (I think they showed up out of nowhere lol).

I was in there for like 10 minutes, and in that span someone called in to put one on hold (was gonna be there in like 30 minutes) and someone else in the store picked up another copy so "oh hey we have 3" turned into 1 in a span of 10 minutes.

Also their new copies of Fractured But Whole are launch copies with d/l codes for Stick of Truth with them that were supposed to expire 01/31/2018 but still work so you get BOTH South Park games for $14.99!
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Dec 5, 2005
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Picked up COD Infinite Warfare (for $9.99 plus taxes) new today. Guess they didn't bother advertising for such an old game?

They also had Star Wars Vintage series 3.75" figures down from $17.99 to $4.99 if anyone is interested in SW.
Dec 7, 2012
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I was hoping to get Fire Emblem Warriors, but both my local stores are OOS. It said it was available at one store this morning so I drove down there, and alas, no stock.

I'm going to go to Toys R Us tomorrow and see if they'll price-match the online price, even though my local stores have no stock.
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Jun 19, 2009
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What's so good about FE: Warriors? I was gonna hold out for 3 houses
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Oct 20, 2013
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It's basically Dynasty Warriors but with Fire Emblem characters. So if you've ever played FE on the 3ds, you get to see and play as these characters again. It's not a terrible game and at $20, it's a steal.
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Mar 18, 2008
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I managed to get 2 online from boxing day but only gonna keep one. If anyone is in the Markham area (major mack and 404) and wants to buy for $25, PM me.
Edit: sold now
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Dec 23, 2006
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Did anyone got their EBgames online order shipped? I got the shipping confirmation on Dec 27 but still stuck at "Electronic info submitted by shipper".
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Jul 27, 2002
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texedomel wrote: Did anyone got their EBgames online order shipped? I got the shipping confirmation on Dec 27 but still stuck at "Electronic info submitted by shipper".
yep, mine just showed up. I never got a shipping notice.
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