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[eBay.ca] Buy $100 Hotels.com Gift Card for only $85 - Email Delivery

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  • Apr 26th, 2019 8:42 pm
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Sep 14, 2009
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heero78 wrote: I got you. I ran into the same problem too. None of these incompetent #$$ wanted to help and sent me on a joyride around the world.
I had to figure this thing out on my own.

Anyway, the fix is simple.
The reason why you cannot combine two different "kinds" of GC is because one of them is a refund GC (I am guessing you probably canceled a booking??) and the other GC is the "actual" GC.
So just find any hotel that offers free cancellation and book it with the "real" GC. Then cancel the booking right after it is confirmed.
They will send you a refund GC within 10-15 minutes.
You should have no problem combining them.

Good luck!
Yes, the issue was one of the gift cards was from a refund and your solution is brilliant. Thanks for letting me know about your fix.