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[eBay.ca] Targeted $5 coupon with no minimum purchase

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Jul 27, 2011
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[eBay.ca] Targeted $5 coupon with no minimum purchase


I was just browsing ebay.ca and checked my profile summary and I see this coupon sitting there. I googled the coupon code and didn't see it posted anywhere. Checked here and didn't see anything. Guess might as well find something that's <$5 with free shipping.

And used it. I looked up wireless earbuds because I usually just use wired. I see this pair that was only $12 but it seems like it's on sale as past sales were $23. I checked other sites like <insert chinese website here> and they list it at $27. I still had USD balance from years ago so I just used that from paypal. $5.53USD/$6.99CDN total. Worth it IMO considering all the youtube videos of people saying it's pretty damn good.


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