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ebay and Paypal divorced?

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  • May 16th, 2021 11:17 pm
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May 7, 2006
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ebay and Paypal divorced?

I got this email in my inbox.

What's the best way to setup payment from ebay then if you get USD? Is it better to accept CAD?
Does this mean that you don't have to pay those ridiculous Paypal fees anymore?

We’ve changed how you get paid. Update your account details by May 31st to continue to create, relist, and revise listings and preserve your Good ‘Til Cancelled listings.
eBay now manages the end-to-end selling experience on our marketplace, including payments.
This means:

You get paid directly to your bank account, not your PayPal account, regardless of how the buyer chooses to pay. We will initiate payouts within two business days of payment confirmation.

Your fees, expenses and charges will be automatically deducted. No more PayPal payments processing fees or separate monthly fee payments.

Most sellers will pay the same or less than before*

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Nov 23, 2014
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They de-merged 6 years back ..also ebay and paypal are listed separately on exchanges