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[eBay.com] Verizon Wear 24, Android wear 2.0 watch was discontinued -- $130.57 CAD All-in

Aug 17, 2012
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[eBay.com] Verizon Wear 24, Android wear 2.0 watch was discontinued -- $130.57 CAD All-in

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wear24-42mm-An ... rmvSB=true

So this Smart watch Verizon revealed in January was discontinued after 4 months.
Terribly expensive at launch at $350, my guess is this is part of a sell off.
Might have to perform an update to get Android Wear 2.0, which adds Play store.

Meaning they came pre-loaded with their texting app (and wouldn't work with another?)
Important Note:
Making and receiving phone calls directly to and from the watch (with or without your cell phone) will only work when using the watch as a stand-alone Verizon phone-line.

All other regular smartwatch features and functions like notifications, voice commands, GPS and the Play Store (on Wear 2.0) will work from any connected iPhone or Android device on all carriers.
No heart monitor and there is a push button only, no crank. May or may not have NFC not sure, but either way no mobile payments.
I don't think bands are swap'able.

I don't know if it can be modified or if it's useful for any other purpose but I saw the deal and wanted to post it anyways.

$130.57 Canadian all-in including shipping + prepaid customs.
Includes: Wear24 Smart Watch , Wireless Charging Stand , AC adapter , USB cable , User Manual

Edit: NFC status unknown.

When I first got it, I was disappointed, but I just had to install Android Wear 2.0 before it got good.
Now it's pretty good. I'll never be able to make calls on it, check my heart rate, or use NFC/Android pay, but it's otherwise very good. I get notifications, I can send text messages using my voice and set timers.

One thing that concerns me is that it gets hot while charging. Not too hot you can't touch it. You can still use it comfortably, but I suppose that is to be expected. I don't charge it overnight, I just put it in airplane mode and let it sleep to be safe. It lasts pretty long for something that is bluetooth/wifi connected.

Hints on getting Android Wear 2.0 installed
This was tricky because you can't set up this phone on pre-2.0 without a phone to tether to it. Once you do, you can go to settings and perform the update from Settings>System>About
It should show a download indicator. If for some reason this stops this is the annoying part, but you have to unbind your phone and do a factory reset, re-set up your phone and then go back to download the update to see the progress bar. It will continuously get further. I had to do this 4 times, but it eventually worked. You have to do this while it's sitting on the charging dock.
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Jun 1, 2016
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Idk if it's worth it, just bought a gear s2 classic for $140CAD that does much more than this watch.

No updates either as support has dropped entirely for this watch
$28 Phone Plan:
  • Unlimited Data (25gb LTE)
  • Unlimited Talk / Text
  • Unlimited Roaming in US / Canada / Mexico
  • eSIM (allows dual SIM)
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Jul 13, 2013
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I just ordered this to go with my new Essential Phone since it has Android Wear 2.0 and it was under $150 all in. Reviews say you can use messaging for notifications and that if you get the Verizon crap off of it it functions well (phone calls aside obviously). It also has the RAM and processor of $200+ Fossil Q smartwatches so I went with it.