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EBOX customers, how is your service + reliability?

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  • Mar 13th, 2018 10:30 am
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Aug 13, 2008
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EBOX customers, how is your service + reliability?

Hey guys,

EBOX customers, how is has your service + reliability been?
I'd like to hear from all users, those just using it for internet/email, and those running large home automation, smart devices, home businesses,etc.

Particularly, anyone experience any blips in service? Like it'll go out for like 30-60 seconds and then come back fine with no further issues? This has happened to me maybe 4-5 times in 3 years.
Overall, i'm 100% satisfied with their quality of service, but still curious if others experience this....

I'm using a Netgear Nighthawk router btw.
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Sep 17, 2002
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using them as well

had DSL with them and had constant internet outages

moved to Cable and it's been pretty good

using two TPLink routers and occasionally, had to restart oneor both of them...maybe every 2-3 months.
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Aug 12, 2004
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Been with them for 5 years. Not a single issue or downtime. 4 years on Cable and been on VDSL now for 1 year. Speeds are consistent and the price is reasonable.
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Jun 21, 2009
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Been with for 3 years. I think it went down about 4 times. Speed is very consistent, I'm on cable. Customer service is very good and very friendly over the phone.

Pricing wise you'll see faster speed for cheaper with other options but I have yet to make the leap. I'm on the 30M/5M plan for $50 + tax

I usually stream directly from my TV (youtube/netflix, sometimes 4K content), wifi on PS4 for games, and PC also on games. Also own two google home minis that I occasionally interact with. No issues so far.