ECN, broker fees and taxation : ACB or expense in the year?

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ECN, broker fees and taxation : ACB or expense in the year?


2021 was a good year.
I finally topped my TFSA and started a margin account with Questrade.

Tax time is upon us and I am wondering what to do with ECN fees and stock purchase related broker fees.

Do they increase my ACB for each stock or do I deduct them as financial fees in the year I encountered them.

Cheers, and thank you all. This is a great forum, and I learned a lot.
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Acquisition costs get added to your ACB. Outlays and expenses from disposition get subtracted from your capital gain (or added to your capital loss). That's definitely the case for trade commissions. I assume it applies for ECN fees too. Capital gains or losses must be declared on Schedule 3 when you sell.

Here are some resources. ... -base.html ... tal-gains/

Adjusted Cost Base is a good online tool for keeping track of ACB and gains / losses
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