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Eco Companies Back at it with Tankless Water Heaters

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Eco Companies Back at it with Tankless Water Heaters

A couple of years ago our neighbourhood was plagued by door to door salesmen selling furnace rental contracts. The pitch was that you would rent a furnace and the energy savings would pay for the monthly rental fee - over a 15 year period! Stories started appearing in the news about naive homeowners who found that they had signed up to pay $15,000 and up for a low-end and often poor quality furnace installation worth less than $4,000. But the promised savings never materialized and most of the furnaces never needed to be replaced to begin with. The ironclad sales contracts were sold to finance companies.

The sales people were deceptive and made people think they were affiliated with the gas company or the government. The companies typically had names starting with "Eco". I actually called one guy and threatened to call the police on him because he was pressuring a senior friend to replace a 2 year old furnace! Eventually the Ontario government passed new regulations regarding the validity of these sales.

But now some companies are back at it with tankless water sales. My Facebook is full of advertising from "Simply Green Solutions" touting savings of up to $2400 per year by installing a tankless water heater. Eco seems to have morphed to green. What really pisses me off is that some of my FB friends are sharing these ads as if they were doing me a service, so I am seeing them multiple times! With FB, this company has found a very effective way around the restrictions on home sales. Looking at the BBB site, this company has over 100 complaints and the Google reviews have tons of bad ones as well. All this sounds very familiar!

In our small household, we spend less than $450 a year to heat our water with gas. I can't imagine anyone spending $2400 a year, let alone saving that much. As I understand the economics, a low-usage household can save say, 30% on water heating energy while a high usage household might save 10 - 15%. But since a low-usage household spends so little to begin with, the savings would become elusive when you factor in the cost of a high-tech water heater.

Has anyone bought a tankless unit from these people?
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I assume we are talking about natural gas tankless since the Simply Green website does not list electric tankless. The saving claim of $2500 is a scam, even over 15yrs it will be near impossible to achieve a combined savings of $2500 especially with the cheap NG rate in Ontario.

There are various reasons to get a NG tankless....for space saving or possibly if your existing tank can't keep up with peak hour demand, cost saving is not one of the advantages unless you'll need the money saved to buy an extra cup of coffee each month.

I swapped a tank to tankless in two houses that I've owned in the last 15 years. In the current house we made the switch about 4 years ago. Natural gas usage went down a little but water usage went up when everyone realized they can all take longer showers or bubble baths without using all the hot water and pissing off other household occupants.

My usage was similar to the CMHC study below from 2011. NG usage went down, water usage slightly up. ... rmance.pdf

While the CMHC study shows a 45-55% average reduction in NG use, that reduction does not translate to huge savings in your gas bill but it is a nice perk if you want to cut down your green house gasses or maybe save the earth.


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