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Ecobee4 and dual energy (Hydro-Quebec)

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Feb 1, 2011
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Ecobee4 and dual energy (Hydro-Quebec)

Good day,

I bought an Ecobee4 to replace an Aube CT280-2HC1 with a TH146-n (see attachement).
The setup consist of a heat pump as the primary stage and gas as the secondary stage.
The 2 stages are controlled by a switch from Hydro-Quebec (from the meter): http://www.hydroquebec.com/data/residen ... gie-en.pdf
When it's warmer or equal to -12 degree the electricity rate is low and the heat pump is activated. When colder than -12 degrees then it switches to the high rate and the gas.
That switch from Hydro-Quebec is connected to the DE and CC of the Aube control module.
The Ecobee doesn't have such input. The Ecobee relies on the temperature on the Internet for the region. You can tell him to switch to the gas when it's -13 according to Internet but it will never be as accurate as the current setup and therefore a deal breaker for me unless I am missing something. Could I program an ACC input on the Ecobee and use it as a switch?
Also there is no input for the 2 temperature sensors currently connected to the Aube (outdoor and plenum) which are useful.

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