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Educational websites for Math and English

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  • Feb 5th, 2019 6:43 am
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Sep 24, 2006
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Educational websites for Math and English


I'm thinking of getting a membership to which has a lot of test material for all grade levels. My seven year old has become fond of it and I can see that it's helping her.

Has anyone signed up for this? Is the annual membership worth it? Are there other sites that are similar?

Thanks in advance!
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Dec 27, 2013
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Khan Academy is similar and has free access to a lot of material. Prodigy Math Game is also a popular tool for kids that age. It's an RPG style game that has math content tailored to the Ontario curriculum. RazKids is also a good tool for reading books at the appropriate level. Your daughter's school may have a subscription and may even use it in the classroom. Reach out to her teacher to see.