Effective May 18th Uber drivers and riders require masks

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  • May 13th, 2020 8:02 pm
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Effective May 18th Uber drivers and riders require masks

Riders will only be able to request a ride on the app if they have confirmed that they are wearing a mask. Similarly, drivers can only go online once they have indicated they are wearing a mask. Uber will require drivers to take a picture of themselves to verify that they are wearing a mask. This will be done through the app’s AI system, which will be able to detect whether they are wearing one.

Riders will now also be asked to sit in the back of the driver’s vehicle and open a window for ventilation if possible. Uber has also reduced the number of passengers for its “UberX” option from four riders to three. ... ks-may-18/
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Not surprised.

As we reopen up ... we are in a precarious situation where Physical Distancing becomes more important than ever before
Or we’ll see a spike of cases every 2 weeks (and deaths at the 4 to 6 wk mark)

Masks are gonna be the norm

Small price to pay for more freedom of movement IMO

Still tho ... people gotta be SMART about this whole thing

The 1918 Pandemic was far worse in the 2nd Wave than the first
It was only places that practiced STRICT physical distancing that fared better than those that did not
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Lol see those disposable masks reused just for uber. Or lose revenue lol if riders dont comply
They should’ve recommended, not make it mandatory


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