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EI Strategies to have one more needed

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  • May 6th, 2021 3:39 pm
Oct 20, 2008
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EI Strategies to have one more needed

Hi Community,

I'm a 40 year old trying to figure out if I can still try for the last baby or come to terms that it's over.

My work contract (full-time 6 months) ends June 30th and will likely be going on EI at that time. I do work for myself part-time but would have to pay into EI from now to qualify the earliest, in a year.

I did speak with EI and the rep did try to help, mentioning the CRB for self-employed persons to try and swing this in a way that could work. They said something about terminating regular EI to them apply for maternity EI but then having to have worked 600 hours.

Doc said don't wait due to my age but Covid hit and it's just been a rollercoaster of uncertainty since then. We'd like to start trying in July/August but the lack of a realistic plan is killing our dream.

Has anyone experienced this and/or have any ideas I can consider?

Should I pay into EI for the year just in case, as a self-employed person?