Elite Auto Recycling SCAM

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Jan 4, 2008
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Elite Auto Recycling SCAM

This is just a heads up and probably a good read for some.
Take a look at my google review , rest of the details to follow Elite Auto Recycling

What I did not mention in review is that Ramsey was a such a great chatter box and I could not really speak muck, I did manage to utter that I need a cylinder head for 2011 Mercedes diesel 350 Bluetec. He right away said that he has one almost brand new with 77.000km and its $1500 complete. I tried to tell him that I cant pay that much as I just looked at one for $400 and it was not the right fit so I had to walk away. He started explaining how his is a great deal, just the cam shaft new is $700 from dealer (actually cam shaft is over $3000 but I let him talk) and there are two camshafts plus everything else in the head, etc etc, that he said $1300 last price. I said ill bring him coffee and $1200 and we agreed on $1200.
I drove 2 hours to Elite, north of Newmarket, got there and I wish at that point that I never did. The place is a disaster zone, I am not sure how they are not shut down by any environment agency, hmmmm. Anyways, necessity is not always mother of invention, because I could not invent used head, so I went in. They were supposed to have the part off but to my not so much surprise (after I have seen the place) one person was fighting the engine on the dirt floor and hammering it trying to get the head off. I told him to stop and he said that he needs to take it off. I told him to stop anyways because he is taking the head off the wrong engine........ Clue number 3
I called my mechanic to confirm and sure enough, wrong engine, but all is good , they have tonnes more engines.
He jumps on another engine, that I confirmed that it has the right head and starts taking it apart. Again runs in to the same problem as with the other one. Does not know how to pull the timing chain guide pin out of the head, hammer and wrong Allen socket come to work. I tell him to stop, but no, he breaks the TC guide in effort to get to behind the pin and remove the bolt holding the head to the block, all this while chewing the sides of the head, clue number 4.
I get my mechanic ones more, he's providing help again over the phone but its too late, these guys have their own way of dealing with things.
They decide that they will put the whole engine (its a core, with most things already stripped off, except two heads) in to the trunk of my car. In the process of doing that the engine slips of the forks and damages the car. Oh not to worry, they just turned away and walked away, I said to them, hey, you damaged my car, just got the shrug. O well, im done with clues.
I paid the guy $1000 cause they agreed to lower the price earlier (before they dropped the engine), because of my inconvenience.
Got to my mechanic 3 hours later, he removed the head in minute or less, a gallon of water came out it, major rust in the valve area, worn out camshafts and channels.
He sends it to the machine shop for inspection and it came back as not usable at all.
I call Ramsey at Elite Recycling, and basically got the F**ck off, its a final sale.
My mechanic got the same response
According to the numbers on the engine, the engine is not from Mercedes like I was told, and it was not low mileage, It was from the Sprinter van and it had massive mileage, not 77 or 99.000 km like I was told, it was not also a 2012 it was from 2010.
So to recap, I got totally scammed and taken for a ride.
Suing them is an option
Definitely gong to the environmental agency
Definitely going to the papers and news agency
Talking about this on line is first step
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Oct 23, 2008
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Toronto (Markham)
Tis banana is IRIE :razz:

10% off is cold, 50% off is warm, 75% off is hot, but FREE IS RFD!
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Aug 22, 2011
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Paid by cash or CC?
If the latter, do a chargeback?
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Mar 23, 2008
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You had more red flags than a Chinese military parade... Why did you keep on pursuing the purchase?

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Sep 8, 2017
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Not sure why you would agree to loading an engine in the trunk of your car with a forklift.

It doesn't sound like you know what you're doing. Your mechanic should be dealing with sourcing the replacement head.
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Jan 4, 2008
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The mechanic that I trust is so busy that he can only start working on my car in next three weeks. I needed a head and I wanted to get a jump start on that. Definitely not cheaping out, was just trying to save time.
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Mar 23, 2004
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CNeufeld wrote: You had more red flags than a Chinese military parade... Why did you keep on pursuing the purchase?

I think he just needed it and needed now but ended up getting bit :(

I think out of all the "red flags" the one he should have used to get the heck out of there was the fact that on the phone they discussed a very specific engine--miles, version, etc. and then they had the wrong engine to start with and just picked any old similar engine afterward to [attempt] to pull the head off. At this point it should tell you there is no specific engine there with 77,000km or whatever and the whole thing was just nonsense talk.

It's a shame this happened to OP but hopefully other people will find this on Google before going there and stay away from these scammers...far away.
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Mar 9, 2007
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Think of the Childre…
Bring this to CityNews.

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Nov 24, 2012
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Lesson learned. Don’t feel so bad, I lost 3-4K in a similar incident in my younger days. Pay the tax, get a receipt. It’s even more important when it’s a critical part like a engine or trans. Have your mechanic source the engine, that’s probably the best advice here.
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Oct 6, 2010
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I had a similar situation with a 4.3 from the wreckers. Never again will I buy anything from a wrecker when it comes to power train.
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