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Re: Sx50HS vs Sx60HS vs Nikon P900

^^^ so everyday use? lol :)

Nikon for the "zoom", Canon for the IQ.
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What about the Panasonic FZ-70?
Apr 9, 2012
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Shouldn't you be considering what the OUTPUT of the image files is going to be? If you only ever look at them on a monitor or tablet or TV, then image resolution isn't as critical. And that's assuming that the ISO hasn't much noise, the exposure is perfect, the image is sharp with shutter speed, fstop & lens resolution? If these things are off on these tiny sensors, then the images will only look good enough viewed small, like on a cell phone. They will look marginal even if shot with a full frame DSLR etc.. IMO you are putting equipment nuances ahead of good technique, great light, great compositions, great exposures and really interesting subjects.

BTW there was a thread on refurbished SX50s for $199 at the Canon Canada web store. Maybe keep an eye out there?

But really, almost any camera in your budget will be good enough to learn with. Nit picking these tiny sensor cameras over "possible" quality differences is something you or your friends aren't likely to notice if that is presently your buying criteria & not considering what the end use is to be, web, monitor, TV, prints & what size & viewing distance. What editing is being done or do you expect perfect images in the camera by the camera? Get something that you can afford, practice, output & learn with, not to mention learning to edit in the various meanings of the word.


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