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Enbridge eBill Retention Credit ($10) - YMMV

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  • Nov 10th, 2019 12:08 pm
Feb 14, 2014
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Richmond Hill

Enbridge eBill Retention Credit ($10) - YMMV

Received an email from Enbridge stating that I had been automatically switch to eBill:

To serve you better, you’ll now receive your bill electronically instead of by mail starting this month. Your eBill will be automatically delivered to your inbox in the next few days, along with a convenient PDF version....

Gave option to contact them to change back to paper which I prefer (yes, I'm old school).

Called and the CSR offered a $10 credit for keeping e-Bill for another 30 days. Not sure if everyone will get this offer but might be worth a try? Might apply to existing eBill customers as well?
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Feb 3, 2013
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They switched us over to eBill without any written notice, and even worse we didn't receive any bill in our email accounts. Had to call to say we didn't get our bill in the mail and to ask how much we owe. The CSR told my brother that they emailed the bill although neither of us had given them our email addresses. They should really verify the addresses before switching.
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Aug 25, 2019
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DID YOU KNOW Enbridge is given $21 @ month just so you can have an account PLUS all the other creative accounting charges they heap on PLUS TAXES on the whole festering total!
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Jan 16, 2011
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SCOPster wrote: DID YOU KNOW Enbridge is given $21 @ month just so you can have an account
I hate this charge so much... 6 months of the year my Nat gas bill is under $35 a month making the mandatory $21 charge more than 60% of my bill!!! 🤬Pouting Face