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Enbridge Energy Savings program - Winterproofing

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Sep 27, 2006
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Not so easy there Ma…
I don't personally know anyone who's used the program however it's totally legit and paid for through our Enbridge bills. This falls under the Demand Side Management Framework for natural gas distributors which regulates the overall spending on the program and the overall targeted beneficiaries.

They'll do a free blower test and check for air leakage and also assess the insulation levels in the home. Then they'll fix those deficiencies they find free of charge. The same management program also regulates the programs for the independent electricity system operators under the same framework so they may offer to hook-up the candidate up with one of IESO programs as well and that additionally could offer anything from LED lights and low flow shower heads to possibly a replacement for an elderly inefficient refrigerator or window air conditioner. The IESO program can alternatively offer insulation upgrades to folks who meet the other qualifiers (financial) but don't use natural gas, rather electricity instead and thus wouldn't qualify for the Winterproofing program.
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Oct 13, 2008
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dimlight1 wrote: Has anyone tried this before? What does the agent do/recommend when they come visit your place?

Is it worth it to apply?

https://energy-savings-programs.ca/wint ... g-program/
In order to qualify you must answer yes to the following questions:

Is your home heated by natural gas?
Are you a customer of Enbridge Gas?
Do you pay your own natural gas bill?
Was your home built before 1980?
Note: We see greater savings in homes that are 35 years and older.


Your household income (before tax income of all household members 18 years or older) is no more than the amounts on the following chart:

Household Size Maximum Gross Annual Income
1 occupant $36,578
2 occupants $51,729
3 occupants $63,354
4 occupants $73,157
5 occupants $81,791
6 occupants $89,598
7 or more occupants $96,775


If you participate in one of the following government assistance programs:

Ontario Works

Guaranteed Income Supplement

Allowance for Seniors

Allowance for Survivors

EAP – Energy Affordability Program (formerly known as the Home Assistance Program – HAP)

Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program

Ontario Disability Support Program

Ontario Electricity Support Program

LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance Grant
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