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English / comprehension books for grade school

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Dec 25, 2005
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English / comprehension books for grade school


What books / online resources have you used to help your grade school child with reading comprehension and learning out nouns, verbs, etc?

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Aug 22, 2011
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The school should already have a literacy program in place.
We're following the school's curriculum and our kid is reading at a grade 2 level, despite only being in SK.
Dec 12, 2005
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You can try Canadian Curriculum books. You can find them in Chapters/Indigo stores, I think Costco may have it.
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Dec 27, 2013
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What age? For young children, I'm not sure anything beats just reading to and reading with your child. Your child's school should be sending books home of the appropriate level (likely PM Benchmarks). Keep in mind that comprehension is important. I've often had parents say that their child can read at "x" level when what they really mean is that their child can decode words at that level. Understanding what's happening is a lot different. Children should be able to generate meaningful questions about the text, make connections to other texts and their own experiences, summarize and/or retell the main events of a story, make inferences about what's happening, and make predictions about will happen next. Simply reading the words without demonstrating any of these skills is not reading. This has been the source of several disagreements where parents feel their child is at a higher level than the teacher says they're at.
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Apr 21, 2004
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I've been assigned this task too by my boss.

Current teaching our five y.o. how to write letters one at a time and just focusing on the letter sounds. I'm just focusing on the short vowel sounds so as not to overwhelm her. I think by the time I introduce diphthongs/blends, the long vowel sounds will nature come in.

Because we are currently stuck at "i" for now, I have even used "fac" as a word.

We have a few iOS apps like Hooked on Phonics but I think it's too early.

Just started the regimen last night because of procrastination lol. Definitely need some suggestions and advice.
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