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Entry-level TV: Sony X80J, Samsung AU8000/TU7000/Q60A

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Oct 17, 2008
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Entry-level TV: Sony X80J, Samsung AU8000/TU7000/Q60A

I am looking to use my 9500 Air Miles points on a TV for a family member. How do these compare with spending $600-800 on a similar size (50-65") TV at Costco, like the Hisense models?

They all rate around the same. I'm not expecting an amazing TV. One that's decent for someone with low expectations. Watching in a singly-lit bedroom with low amount of outside light coming in.

Just watching Netflix movies and TV shows.

Sony X80J 55" for 9200 miles
One possible (?) advantage with this one is that it runs Google TV. Is it better than Samsung Tizen? Family member needs the ability to cast from iPad to TV.

Samsung Q60A 50" for 9500 miles

Samsung AU8000 55" for 9500 miles

Samsung TU7000 58" for 9300 miles

Thanks for any advice you can give!
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I'd say for all of the models you have listed, it's a wash. Just choose based on amount of miles redeemed or, like you say, if you prefer Google TV as an OS.

Functionality wise, Google TV & Tizen OS do similar things. To cast an iPad to the TV it will require the AirPlay feature, so double check that whichever one you choose has this.
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I would only recommend the X80J in 50". It's the unicorn with a VA panel. The other sizes are all IPS.
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Answered your question when you posed it in the deals thread but here it is again:
ES_Revenge wrote: You're right none of those TVs are very good... U6GR is easily better than all of them.

TU7000 is low rent PQ with a high "because Samsung" pricetag; AU8000 is not much better; Q60A is just an overpriced version of the AU8000. Getting the 50" version of that for the same "price" as the 55" AU8000 is ripoff for sure, even if it is points.

X80J is an IPS panel, which is why it's not a good idea. Too bad the X85J is not on there--much better TV than these.

It's a crapshoot--but, If you have to pick one of those, I'd probably just go with the 58" TU7000 as again it's not great but it's the largest there and the second "cheapest" (in points).