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ETFs or funds for rrsp

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Sep 25, 2012
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ETFs or funds for rrsp

I have some rrsp invested with rbc which they say grows at 6% but is actually growing at 4% for last few years.
I just found out about ETFs like vanguard and ishares and was thinking about investing there instead.

Q1 - what is the best way to achieve the best ROI low risk long term ? tech ETFs are good or should I do something else?
Q1 - should I leave the money with rbc or move it somewhere else if I want to purchase these ETFs, funds etc.

Anything else that can help would be great.

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Feb 9, 2003
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Move it to Questrade or another online discount broker and buy ETFs.

Risk and return are always a balance, but I'd never invest in just one sector. For long term (like my kid's RESPs) I go 50% Canadian equities, 25% US equity, and 25% World (MCSE) hedged in Canadian dollars. As they age I'll mix in bonds, mostly corporate with some gov. This spreads the risk across multiple countries and sectors.