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[EUROCOM] 20% Student Discount on Nightsky RX15 Gaming Laptop (Warm)

Dec 26, 2012
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20% Student Discount on Nightsky RX15 Gaming Laptop (Warm)

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November 15, 2019
Eurocom does rebrands of the Clevo chassis laptops. The standard discount they provide is usually 10% to students, but they are running a promotion to 15 Nov of 20% off the NightSky RX15. The laptop itself can be configured a number of ways, including 4K OLED screen, i9-9980HK, and 64GB of RAM.

I've been eyeing for a quality build RTX Laptop for under 2K, and if the Lenovo Y740 didn't plant their left-side macro keys on their keyboard, I would have waited until Black Friday/price error to pick that up. Instead, this seems like a solid alternative:

15.6-inch (39.6cm); 144Hz; FHD 1920x1080; Matte; IPS; 9ms
Titanium Black Aluminum Alloy (AL-5052) case
Intel Core i7-9750H
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (not Max-Q)
16GB RAM x1, DDR4; 2666Hz

2427 - 20% discount: 1941.60

For those of that picked up the SSD for Staples for under $80 however, you can ditch the HDD to save an extra $100. And as a student, you should be eligible for Windows 10 Education for free.

So after ditching the HDD and Windows 10, you can bring it down to:

2151 - 20% discount: 1720.80

For my setup, I did the Killer Wi-Fi 6 upgrade. Added S&H and taxes to BC, comes to 1858.39.

This seems like a fair deal, and the hassle of installing the drive and software seems worth it. As much as I wanted to wait until BF before making my computer purchase, I feel like I'm not going to find anything to beat this.

Instructions on how to claim the student discount here:
1. Review our laptop line-up and choose your ideal Eurocom system!

2. Configure it to your needs & place your Order by clicking “Order”.

3. Enter into the "configuration instructions" the name of your
Education Institution, Faculty and your Student ID card #.

4. Place order by clicking “Order” at bottom of screen.
You will be sent an email containing your “Order Confirmation Number”.

5. Send an email to sales@eurocom.com including your “Order Confirmation Number” along with proof of your enrollment in the form of a photo of your student card, admission letter, or any valid proof of enrollment.

6. We will apply 10% discount before processing your payment. The discount will be given before taxes and shipping charges.

7. You will receive a confirmation email from Eurocom in regards to payment being processed & your system being shipped.
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Jul 26, 2015
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Too bad no option for 2 * 8gb ram lol
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Nov 3, 2010
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This is an insanely thick laptop with only a 62wH battery. Not really worth it.
Jun 18, 2016
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$2k and they give you a 1080p screen and SSHD. What a joke.
Nov 6, 2017
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Haven't been paying attention to gaming laptops for a while so I can't attest to whether this is a good price or not. It seems alright.
However, I've bought from Eurocom 4 years ago and can attest to their quality. It's nice that you can upgrade whatever you want. My machine ran a bit hot under load and the fans are loud, but its a gaming laptop so...
PRO TIP: You can request that they remove the "Eurocom" logos from the laptop when they build it. Laptop ends up looking super sleek in all black and no brand.
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Jul 1, 2009
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MooseV2 wrote: $2k and they give you a 1080p screen and SSHD. What a joke.
Some people would never understand this system: that's ok. You could purchase the 4k screen here but it's not recommended: this is designed explicitly for gaming. Thats why it has the 1080p screen with up to 240hz g-sync. The default SSHD config is for buyers that purchase high end / large SSD's they want to install on delivery, often in RAID configs (it has 2 4xPCIe NVMe bays and 1 2.5" bay). This 1080p@144hz g-sync with no SSD is by far the highest selling config of these systems.

These are thick and heavy as they are designed around maximum performance and cooling: you don't deal with Max Q parts here and you NEVER throttle thanks to its top notch design (thus, thickness).

Again, this isn't your average "gamer" laptop... its for a specific type of gamer or someone wanting no compromise performance for engineering work, etc. This isn't for the Razer Blade thin and light fan who doesn't give at damn about max performance or throttling (you can't have both thin and max performance in a laptop). I own this model and I bought it with this same config except the 240hz screen (I've had two previous Eurocom's / Clevo's / Sager's as well) and its an absolute beast as now configured.


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