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Ever try to use Lagostina's warranty on cookware?

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  • May 30th, 2021 4:05 am
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Aug 15, 2003
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Ever try to use Lagostina's warranty on cookware?

At the end of 2017 when Sears was liquidating, I bought a Lagostina "EuroCollection" 26" skillet for $30. It is my favorite pan – or at least it used to be, but the nonstick coating has taken a beating (particularly from one occasion when I accidentally left it on high heat for too long).

Of course I kept both the receipt and the packaging, which boldly proclaims "5-year warranty!". What happens if I try to use that warranty? Will they send me a new pan?
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Nov 7, 2016
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Try it and let us know?!
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Apr 25, 2018
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Pretty sure they will say it was overheated so not covered. If you look carefully at the owners manual, pretty sure you’re not even allowed to use max heat ever, not even for preheating the pans.
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Jan 25, 2007
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I got it once when the thick heating plate on the bottom of our pot fell off. Our stuff was lifetime and I just had to send a picture and they sent me a new one. Was super easy.
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Oct 9, 2010
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I bought that white set of pans from CT that goes on sale all the time. The first set mysteriously developed scratches (GF claims they just appeared). Called lagostina, they told me to just bring it to CT. CT gave me a new set on the spot.

So, it seems lagostina are pretty cool with their warrantee. They didn't ask me for a reciept, but I guess they also passed the buck to Canadian tire.
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