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  • Nov 17th, 2017 4:58 pm
Aug 2, 2017
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springdays wrote:
Nov 17th, 2017 3:54 pm
VERY interesting! So hugh_ya_man claims Weinstein is GUILTY even with no admission from Weinstein, but defends Roy Moore the pedophile apparently because Moore has refused EXPLICITLY to confirm his sexual molestation of 14 year olds (but just about - see video above)

Thanks Andy!!!! I knew ya_man was just trying to be slick :(
Weinstein has apologized for his antics, an admission of guilt, even though for legal reasons not directly admitting to the circumstances cited given a criminal investigation is open on him at this moment and it would be stupid to do so because he'd lose most of his fortune. Weinstein also has a lot more on him than merely accusations.

Versus Moore, who has accusations and an unequivocal denial of said accusations with an exaggerated "generally" by certain persons for obvious reasons. If they put an ambiguous word like "generally" under such a microscope in a sea of unambiguous denying of accusations, it's an obvious smear attempt as obvious gets.
hugh_da_man wrote:
Nov 17th, 2017 4:03 pm
decades-sexual-harassment-accusations-a ... n-2131968/

Here's the full thread I started on Weinstein. My biggest issue is the hypocrisy and still is the hypocrisy in the Weinstein case where celebrities were ok with his sexual abuse of women. The hypocrisy is strong here as well where you find Moore guilty of accusations but Clinton and Franken are ok in your books even though the evidence against them is insurmountable.

I started calling Weinstein a sexual predator when the number of accusers reached the dozens, there were 3 accusations of rape, and multiple people had come forward to acknowledge the Weinstein was a serial sexual predator. I'll do the same when we get there with Moore.
Well said. This is the nature of partisanship. Recall their "cut Franken some slack" post. LOL. Whoops. Ironically, I was in the same boat.. Franken to me was not guilty until he admitted it. Same thing here with Moore.. shouldn't be treated as guilty unless he admits it (directly or otherwise), or until the evidence proves the claims levied against him. I really don't understand this knee-jerk "destroy someone's life upon accusation" witch hunt mentality, especially when people get it wrong. The police officer Wilson in the Michael Brown case.. did nothing wrong, screwed for life because of all the frenzied mob mentality of convicting someone based on clear bias and not facts.

But I know the masses, and the masses work on emotion and instant gratification. Proof and investigations are not instantly gratifying. So now every accusation is instantly combined with "so when is so-and-such resigning/getting fired?" as people realize they can totally screw someone over now bypassing the justice system.

And to another point, when will lefties even grasp why Trump got elected? They seem deliberately oblivious to it even when the answer is right in their face. If they took even a semi-objective perspective they'd see how they're partly the reason. If they ever want to see another non-Trumpian candidate get elected (which would be nice) they should start using introspective reasoning and changing their behavior.